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Our task is to protect Ukrainian kids from the evil that surrounds them today.
Unfortunately, many Ukrainian children have become victims of Russian aggression, many have lost relatives, homes, friends, spent weeks in the basements of occupied cities... It is our duty to help them go through these difficult times and give hope for a happy future.

We believe in a fair victory of Ukraine and want Ukrainian kids to stay in Ukraine. Therefore, we plan to help rebuild the sports infrastructure of the destroyed schools, provide equipment and supplies.

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Become a support for Ukrainian kids through tragic current times

Fly High Foundation was established in 2022 by Stanislav Medvedenko and Mykola Vasylkov to unite people from all over the world around the problems of rehabilitation of children who affected the most from active hostilities of brutal full-scale invasion Russia to Ukraine.

Through active leisure, sports and professional psychologists we strive to return to a happy life Ukrainian kids, help overcome difficulties, find friends and enjoy life, return to physical activity in their daily lives, restore destroyed sports infrastructure of schools.

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  • at least 2,000,000 refugee children were forced to flee the war in Ukraine abroad

  • 2,500,000 children within the country are temporarily displaced

  • 60% of Ukrainian children are now forced to leave their homes due to hostilities


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We want to help children find confidence in tomorrow

​The Program will help rehabilitate in the Ukrainian Carpathians more than 500 kids from the regions most affected by the active hostilities of the Russian-Ukrainian war. This is a joint project with the Nebokray active leisure club.

Kids will spend two active weeks with friends and peers, under the supervision of psychologists and the professional team of Nebokray.

They will relax, play, perform interesting team tasks, travel, go hiking and socialise. Everything that will help to help to appeared on children's faces smiles and hope for the future.

The goal is to raise 100.000 $ by August 2022
DONATE Program
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Active leisure and sports are the keys to mental and physical health

​We will provide sports leaders and teachers in schools with equipment and sports gear.

That will help open at list 50 kids sports clubs in the most affected areas of active hostilities, as well as in areas with large numbers of internally displaced children. The main objectives of the program is to provide regular sports for more than 1,000 children in Ukraine who were deprived of such an opportunity because of the war.

The goal is to raise 200.000$ by September 2022
DONATE Program

"If you want change in the future, be that change."

Mohandas Gandhi

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