We want to help children find confidence in tomorrow

​This year Program will help rehabilitate in the Ukrainian Carpathians during 2022-2023 year more than 500 kids from the regions most affected by the active hostilities of the Russian-Ukrainian war. This is a joint project with the Nebokray active leisure club.

Kids will spend two active weeks with friends and peers, under the supervision of psychologists and the professional team of Nebokray.

They will relax, play, perform interesting team tasks, travel, go hiking and socialise. Everything that will help to help to appeared on children's faces smiles and hope for the future.

First fundraising campaign will provide summer rehabilitation for 200 Ukrainian kids. 

Діти стрибають в озеро
Mountain Biker


Active leisure and sports are the keys to mental and physical health

​This year Program will provide destroyed and damaged schools with necessary sports equipment. Sports leaders and teachers in schools will get sports gear that will help start classes and trainings.

That will help open at list 50 kids sports clubs in the most affected areas by active hostilities, as well as in the areas with large numbers of internally displaced children. The main objectives of the program is to provide regular sports for more than 5,000 children in Ukraine who were deprived of such an opportunity because of the war.

First fundraising campaign will provide 5 Ukrainian schools with necessary sports equipment. 

Kid with Basketball
Children in Playground
Indoor Soccer

The Programs are developed for a year. Current fundraising is announced as a First stages of the implementing  Programs. A new fundraising campaign can be announced after the reporting of the end of the fundraising and financial reporting on the implementation of the First stage of each Program. In case of non-collection of the required amount for the implementation of the first stage of one of the Programs - the funds may be redistributed among the two Programs of the Fly High Foundation.



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